The Safari Park Zoo Volunteer Project

We arrived in Kanchanaburi unsure of what to expect of our time at the Safari Park Open Zoo. We were excited to see animals but we didn’t know much about the project. At the designated meeting spot in town we met a few of the other new volunteers, had a bit of lunch and waited.

A young couple arrived, out of breath, with mud on their boots and a few holes in their shirts. “Sorry we’re late and covered in poo!” the young woman shouted to us with an apologetic smile and a strong British accent. “But just give it a day or two and you’ll be just as poo-covered!” [Read more]

4 thoughts on “The Safari Park Zoo Volunteer Project

  1. I have fond memories of being chased by a lion at this place (never thought I would ever say that). A very worthwhile project for volunteers to get involved in.

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